Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hi! I will no longer be posting on this blog because I have a brand new website,! On the website, I will be posting monthly: a blog article, as well as a spotlight article featuring an outstanding person or business, and a raw vegan, superfood or herbal recipe! You will also find a full gallery of my artwork and a gallery of my food photos! Check out the website HERE! I also have a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for that will contain the monthly recipe, spotlight and blog article as well as a monthly life changing challenge, personal notes from me as well as announcements about giveaways and cool tips. Sign up HERE! If you haven't seen it, check out my latest major project: Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipe book! Check out the info on my KICK STARTER PAGE. I'm so excited about this movement in my work! See you at the website :) Love- Lauren

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Putting Yourself Out There & THANKS!!!

My primary YouTube channel is called ShaktiGoddess1. The videos on this channel include raw vegan and superfood recipe demos, insights from fasting, juicing and related subjects. I have a passion for food and health and wanted to share the life-changing information I was coming across, the skills I was developing, experiences I was having and the fun recipes I was creating as I began my raw vegan journey. More importantly, starting this channel was a leap of faith I knew I had to take if I was going to share anything with the world. I dwelled on the feeling that I would be putting myself in a position that could bring criticism and rejection, as I had seen happen to others on YouTube. Yet, my desire to share and the possibility that it might actually benefit others allowed me to put myself out there, on the internet, for everyone to see, despite the fear I felt. I uploaded my first video on June 9th, 2011. I never imagined that a year later, I would have 136 videos uploaded and over 550 subscribers. I have suffered very little negative feedback and enjoyed an abundance of positive feedback! Whew. I need to express my gratitude to all of the people who have supported me as well as those who have challenged me, questioned me or taught me how to be more tolerant and just let go. Thanks to everyone who has reached out, messaged, followed, commented, subscribed, shared and liked any of my videos, pics and links! The support and interaction has been powerful!. Again, coming from a strong need to share, this year I launched a second YouTube channel, LaurenAmerson. These videos include oracle card readings, guided meditation, yoga sequence demos, general insights and personal experiences. I have big plans for this channel, so stayed tuned for more videos on a variety of topics. Currently, I am working on a Raw Vegan Ice Cream RECIPE BOOK! I have series of recipe books planned, each with a different focus. I am very excited about this project and it is yet another act of courage on my part, to create something original put it out there and see what happens. I believe we all have something unique to offer and our purpose in life is to share it with the world, in whatever format and context you like. Here’s to putting yourself out there and sharing your gifts!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Insights Into the Creative Process

Hello everyone! We've had some great weather here in San Francisco and I am getting new ideas for projects, videos, recipes and various insights daily. There are so many cool things going on here that I must share!
Thoughts on Creativity I've been paying more attention to my second youtube channel, LaurenAmerson, lately and have uploaded several videos addressing different thoughts and insights I've had into the creative process. HERE is a video addressing some insight I had as I was describing the process by which I came up with some fun new recipes while on a road trip. I realized that the sense of limitation, in this case the lack of certain food staples and equipment I use regularly in meal making, provided a platform that forced me to get creative with what I did have. It's like when people get really creative and resourceful and figure out how to make a house for themselves with scraps from construction sights and old car tires. Or making a self-watering herb garden on the wall of a small apartment or space efficient urban gardens. Or Tony Stark building the Iron Man prototype in a cave when he was kidnapped. It often begins with a situation where a need is presented, but the space, money or specified resources are not available. When we are in this position, we have to get creative and figure out how to use what is available to us to make something new that will serve our need(s). Many amazing things have come out of this. Inventions, art, crafts, recipes, designs, etc. Another cool thing about this is that to be able to use a resource in a different way, we must look at it from different angles, really get to know it and think outside of the box. Let's do this. The world needs more thinking outside of the box! This forced creativity also benefits us in that we develop new skills and we use parts of our brain that don't get much use in those repetitive, monotonous, 9-5 jobs or in aspects of our daily life that don't present us with this creative challenge. This development benefits us in all areas of our life. We learn to adapt instead of resist, we see opportunity instead of scarcity and we respond to life as an artist does a blank canvas, with a sense of infinite potential. We have less fear when we realize how powerful we are and that our nature is that of a creator.
HERE is a video addressing how Meditation relates to the creative process. I felt like doing a video but couldn't decide what to talk about, so I drew an oracle card to help me focus on a particular subject. The card that came out was "Meditation". It described a simple process of daily closing your eyes, breathing deeply, clearing your mind, asking a question and listening for an answer. The process reminded me immediately of how I go about working on my art. The art is something that is inspired, something that MUST come out of you. It never works to force it. It's as though every time I sit down with a piece to work on, I am unconsciously asking, "what needs to be shown?", "what wants to come out?", "what shall I create?". I wait until I get an answer. Sometimes the answer comes quick and sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes I just have to go with what I already know, work on that and then I will know where to go from there. Meditation practice can also help nurture the Yin energy in our lives, which we need to be in balance with our yang energy. Yang is the expression, the actual act of drawing, sketching, physically working on the craft. Yin is nurturing, refilling the tank, getting a good nights sleep and going inward in meditation before we go out and take action in the world.
HERE is a video that follows up on the "Meditation" card. I kept getting the intuition to pull one card from every deck and do a reading of the spread for a video. It turned out to be an amazing spread, coming full circle in the context of the creative process. "Meditation" was the first card, and set the context for the reading. The second card was "Volcano- Volatility" which addressed the yang energy and act of creation as the volcano erupts and the lava cools to form new land. The Third card was "Athena- Inner Wisdom" which contributed the yin qualities and practice of going inward for answers. The fourth card was "Worthiness" which represented the block that can happen in the creative process. It addressed the truth that manifestation is a result of your actions and thoughts, not a prize for doing something right. Having worthiness issues, not believing you deserve can block us from accessing our unique gifts and creative flow. The fifth card was "Prioritize- Archangel Metatron" which emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for what you want by prioritizing and getting organized. The last card was "This is your life's purpose" which beautifully confirmed that our life's purpose is to be happy and that our authenticity and fulfillment benefits us and others! What a wonderful message.
Enjoy the videos and don't forget to subscribe to the channel to get easier access and see when new videos are uploaded. More to come and thanks so much for supporting me in my evolution. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and insights with as many people as want to hear it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Update & Fun New Salad Recipes! Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian

UPDATE Hello Everyone! I am finally settled in San Francisco, CA. It feels so much better to be here and I had an awesome road trip from Seattle with my boyfriend and two doggies! We saw some really beautiful scenery as we drove down the Oregon coast, through a Redwood Forest in northern California, over to Mount Shasta where we collected some lovely spring water and then down to our new home in San Fran. Now that I am getting into a nice rhythm of daily life here, I have been so inspired to create new recipes and do video demos to share! I have also been working a lot on tons of new artwork, and refocusing on my ETSY shop.
RECIPES In today's post I wanted to share a few of the really CRAZY TASTY(and healthy) salad recipes. Here is the link to the Kale & Seaweed Salad video. Ingredients: Kale Dulse Seaweed Sesame Seeds Olive Oil Nama Shoyu(or other unpasteurized soy sauce) Carrot ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Here is the link to the Strawberry Romaine Salad w/curried Cashews video. Ingredients: Romaine (or your favorite) lettuce Strawberries Raw Cashews, soaked Carrot Avocado Turmeric Powder Curry Powder Salt & Pepper Cayenne Powder Optional(for dressing): Olive Oil Honey Apple Cider Vinegar Ground Yellow Mustard Ground Cloves ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Here is a link to the Beet Mango Salad video. Ingredients: Red Leaf (or your favorite) Lettuce Mango Purple Beet Celery Avocado Lemon juice Dijon Mustard Apple Cider Vinegar ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Very soon, I will be spotlighting several of my Raw Vegan Superfood Ice Cream recipes. You can check out all my recipe videos, anytime, HERE on Youtube.
Don't forget to check out my other Youtube channel HERE I've recently uploaded some great oracle card inspired messages regarding the creative process and balancing expression and inner nurturing energies, yin & yang. Namaste' Lauren

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Recipes & Inspirations

Two Juice Recipes:
Each Recipe Makes about 32 oz

Tangy Anti-inflammatory Green Juice-
2 Cucumbers
1 large fennel
1/4 apple
1 Lime, peeled

Purple Juice-
3/4 head of celery
1 small beet
2-3 cups spinach
1/2 apple
1 lemon


Unexpected Inspirations
My sister has been visiting for about a week, so of course I have been cooking for her and introducing her to some of my new creations in the Raw Vegan and Superfood realm! As I was sharing with her my Raw Vegan brazil nut parmesan, which she loved, she had the idea to put it on some tomato slices, since she was used to putting regular parmesan cheese on her tomatoes. It was so delicious, especially after we topped these little tomato slices with some black pepper and fresh basil. Our version of a breadless bruschetta turned out amazing and I was reminded of the endless possibilities of what can happen when two people come together and share their unique ideas. It also reminded me of what we used to do when we are kids, looking in the fridge at random ingredients and figuring out to make a meal out if.
I realized the significance of sharing in another context as well. My sister has been traveling all over the world as has many stories to tell. During the time that she was gone, I have been studying various things and had a major focus on food, specifically, Raw Vegan and Superfoods cuisine. Since she has been visiting, I have incredibly compelled to share my food creations with her. I began to see that the food I cook and create now represents what I have been doing and learning since I last saw her, just as her stories of traveling to various countries is a sharing of what she has been doing since we last saw each other.
So, even if a cool food recipe doesn't seem nearly as exciting as adventures in a foreign country, it is still incredibly valuable to share these things with others, as long as they are welcoming of it. I wouldn't encourage forcing food on anyone, of course. I feel the urge to share other things as well, like my art and my insights and any projects I have been working on. Simply, all these things contain my essence and I think we have a built in desire to share ourselves with each others, in various ways.
This is what we are here to do, to express our unique beauty and essence with the world. Share, share, share!!! With no expectations or attachments. You never know who you might inspire or who you might be inspired by!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SUPER QUICK Raw Vegan Superfood Snack & Dessert Ideas


One of the easiest superfood snacks ever: Dip a whole, raw cacao bean in raw almond butter, eat and enjoy!!! You can always stir some superfoods into the almond butter, such as: maca, lucuma, mesquite, cinnamon, coconut oil, spirulina, honey, and more.

A wonderfully quick dessert I have done recently is to take a moist date, open one side to get the pit out. Then flatten the date into a square shape or leave curled like a boat. Spread on some raw almond butter that has some superfoods mixed in, sprinkle on a little salt and then top with other superfoods like cacao nibs, goji berries, raw coconut shreds, bee pollen, etc. It can be as complex or as simple as you want.
These little desserts look great decorating a plate or platter when sharing with friends or at a potluck. Enjoy and see what cool combinations you can create!
Click HERE for the youtube VIDEO.

We are onto the second week of the food challenge and still keeping it pretty simple, this week's challenge is to find and eat a new veggie. Click HERE for the corresponding youtube VIDEO.

Don't forget to check out my second youtube channel and my latest VIDEO about being open minded about meditation.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Invite Your Power Animal to Yoga!

Lately, I've been listening a lot to Christina Pratt's Why Shamanism Now? podcast and just finished reading Steven Farmer's book, Earth Magic. Power Animals are addressed quite a bit and in particular, the point of not only calling on your power animal in times of trouble. It's recommended to treat your power animals like good friends, give them attention, honor them and call on them to join you at times of enjoyment. If your power animal is ignored and abused, it just may leave you as a friend would do.
In his book, Steven Farmer describes the process of asking your power animal to join and merge with you in shamanic dance, letting the spirit of that animal experience the dance through your body and express itself through you, while you get the benefit of experiencing the essence of that animal's spirit and sharing the dance experience.
I love this idea of merging and dancing and it occurred to me while teaching yoga the other day that yoga is a great time to invite your power animal to merge with you. At first I just thought of calling the animal to my side and had the image of my power animal doing the same yoga postures and movements next to me. At some point I thought it would even better to have the animal merge with my body and we could both enjoy the experience together.
Later, I realized that inviting your power animal into your yoga practice could have many benefits. You can and most likely will have several Power animals in your lifetime and they may come to you for different reasons. Sometimes because they resonate with you, there is a likeness in strength and character; and other times because they can assist you in an area you are lacking in. How does this apply to yoga? For someone who struggles in their yoga practice, you can call on whichever one of your power animals that possess those qualities that you are hoping to develop, such as flexibility, strength, endurance or grace.
Personally, I just love the act of having the shared experience and who knows what kind of transformations may occur as a result of this yogic "dance" with your power animal.

Click HERE for the VIDEO